Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sci-Fi's Final Flight

Where once we had the space fairing imagination depicting solar systems and space ships, we now have homebound technology and parallel universes.

The imagination in Sci-Fi seems, like all things, to move forward. This itself would never be considered a bad thing; but is it moving away to fast have we finished telling the stories of space adventures too soon?
It is all well and good that new shows from extraordinary imaginations are depicting a more quantum universe with time jumps and parallel worlds but are we ready to entirely move on from space travel and the adventure of whole new worlds to discover.
The last in over well over two decades worth of space fairing Sci-Fi series ended this year, also marking the end of the nearly 15 year run of the Stargate franchise. Stargate Universe followed a group of scientists, military and civilian personnel stranded on an Ancient ship called Destiny. Destiny takes them on a course through solar systems across galaxies following a path back to the birth of the universe.
Though the Stargate franchise is the only space fairing franchise among many (star trek, star wars, Battlestar Galactic, ...) to depict/suggest real-time travel between galaxies many other shows such as BSG, Farscape and the short lived series Firefly have been 'seeded' from Earth and inhabit systems within the milky way. Others like Star Trek look at the whole galaxy and the endless number of world within it forming regions of political and/or technological differences that present the mired of story lines depicted over its 5 series' and a total of 11 movie run.

I feel, or rather i have noticed that with increased knowledge of real life exoplanets, we are now in some cases able to take spectra and determine atmospheric properties, there is a decrease in the number of shows creating stories around their discovery and origin. Have we reached a point in our knowledge of exosystems that we feel any story would be farfetched or not able to be rooted in reality as we had once hoped? With the discontinuation of the Space Shuttle should we be turning away from telling stories of space ships? In my opinion, NO, now is the time where space exploration in Sci-Fi should be taking off we want new ship designs we want to know what types of world we can imagine and as we have seen most of the world found outside our solar system are far beyond our imagination we have to do a double take and question what we know. Those gifted with the extraordinary imaginations that brought us Stargate and Star Trek and all the other amazing show i do not have the time to list here have all these real world stories to follow and take those of us without such gifts on a journey with them and the characters they create to these other worlds.
I do not think that we should throw space exploration entirely over to factual discovery, not yet at least.

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