Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kepler - Bring on the world

Kepler-22b, 20e and f,
Out shone all the rest by being Earth-like the best.
Showing us transits that give us their size not their mass.
We can only guess that they aren’t all just gas.

Now 22b is in the goldilocks zone, 
meaning liquid water could make it a home.
But 20e and 20f are unlikely the best, 
to plan a voyage and settle down for a rest.
They orbit their star at a maddening pace, 
with three other planets joining in for the chase.
Each system is exciting, 
but we’d all like to know,
when Kepler will find us a place to call Home. 

Seager-MIT Physics department news
This is just a short poem about Kepler's earth-sized worlds I wrote when I could not sleep one night. Happy Holidays! 

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