Saturday, March 17, 2012

What EaHS'12 taught me!

“If we can’t prove it, we let the evidence speak for itself.” 

“You can use a probe to probe another probe!”
“If everyone is equally unprepared, then no one will notice ”
“Parameters can have parameters but they are hyper!”
“The more data we have the more we complain that they won’t let us get any more”
“Anything and everything told to you by an Oxford or Cambridge student is inherently biased”
"Small dense things have a smaller amplitude but higher frequency"
"If it is not what we expect, then what you expect is probably flawed"
"Theory is always ahead of observation, but it means nothing without it!"
“A Ravenclaw shooter is disappointingly red, whereas the Slytherin one glows green with pride.”
"Even the most hungover member of the group can introduce a presentation on a subject they have very little knowledge of because no one else does either"
“Betrayal is sudden but inevitable… no wait that was Firefly!”

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