Sunday, June 30, 2013

Age is relative

My birthday breakfast :D
It is not that I was awoken at quarter to nine that made me wonder if birthdays were scared anymore,
nor the fact that I got a call from my beloved 4-year-old nephew before I had even imagined a steaming hot cup of coffee in my hand, but the fact that if I was on one of the many other worlds out there right now it would not even be my birthday today.

So I thought I would find out how old I would be today on some of the other fantastic planets out there.

Mercury: 100 years and 248 days

Venus: 39 years old almost to the earth day

Earth: 24 years old (party in St Andrews tonight for all those at NAM 2013)

Mars: 12 and ¾ :D I think I will start using my Martian age to describe my mental age from now on.

Jupiter: 2 years and one week

Saturn: 297 days

Uranus: 103 days, this is getting a little silly now.

Neptune: 53 days

Pluto (hey! It was a planet when I was little.): 36 days

Hmmm. What about in another solar system?

Alpha Centauri Bb (the closest exoplanet to our solar system): 2,707 years

51 Pegasi b (the first exoplanet discovered to orbit a sun-like star): 2071 years


Kepler-16b (or Tatooine like Luke Skywalker): 38 years old; that is not too bad.

or I know,

55 Cancri e (the diamond planet, they are a girls best friend after all): 12,000 years old, well I think we will give that one a miss.

How about this,

HD 2952b: 21 years old. That is more like it. Now I just need to find a way of getting 115 light years away. Hmm maybe I will stick it out on Earth this year.

Now go eat cake and be merry! 

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