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BBC Horizon - "The Wildest Weather in the Universe"
Hawaii Volcano National Park

I took a trip out to Hawaii Volcano National Park with the crew to talk about some of the strange exoplanet clouds we are observing. From lava rain to clouds of rubies Exoplanets are some of the most exotic places in the universe.
Artists impression of Ruby Rain.

EXOCAST - The Exoplanet Podcast

NASA@Work Video Challenge
Selected as the WINNER of NASA@Work video challenge 2016!

Challenge: Explain your Air and Space job in under a minute using just the top 1,000 most common words in the English language.

See the XKCD Up Goer 5 challenge writer and give it a go

NASA TV: What's New in Aerospace?
Focusing in on Other Worlds
This episode of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s What's New in Aerospace? series, focuses on the abundance of confirmed and potential worlds that have been found outside of our solar system – commonly known as exoplanets. The program features experts discussing what we have learned so far in our exploration of exoplanets and how we will peer into the atmospheres of these faraway worlds to look for biomarkers, or signs of alien life. The What's New in Aerospace? series is presented in collaboration with NASA.

The Science Hour on XpressionFM
Winner of Best Show at the 2015 Xmedia Awards
Produced and hosted by Hannah Wakeford, The Science Hour on XpressionFM aired each week with a new and exciting area of research from biology, to chemistry, physics, maths, geography, and psychology. Hannah was joined in Season 1 by co-host Gareth Jones, then later Alex Pettitt. In season 2 & 3 Simon Clark joined the team and the show really hit its stride.

You can listen to all of the shows on our Mixcloud site - but also check out my look back blog post and the story behind the show HERE.

Top Female Scientists Card Game
Winner of Best Innovation at the 2015 Xmedia Awards
My co-host of The Science Hour on XpressionFM, Simon Clark, and I have
developed a comparative card game of some of the greatest Female Scientists throughout history.
You can find all of the links to the media coverage of the cards on my blog post HERE

To download your own copy you can get them here for free!

Imgur Album

HMAvl: A year in film
All 36 episodes of Hannah & Moncho's Astro Video log can be found below. We discuss everything from the Big Bang to the star of Bethlehem, and also take a look at what it is like to be a PhD student in the Astrophysics group at the University of Exeter, and talk to other academics about their careers.

For more you can also check out my blog post HERE.

The Science Hour - Christmas Special

BBC Sky at Night
"Hunt for ET"

Filmed at the University of Exeter Forum
Caption contest
Comparing Jupiter to hot Jupiter exoplanets

Video Blog: NTT Observing Run
La Silla Observatory
From London - Madrid - Santiago - La Serena - La Silla Observatory and back again.
12 days, a big desert, and a whole lot of telescopes.

'I Love my PhD' 
University of Exeter post-graduate campaign

IOP '3 Minute Wonder' Competition
What can you do?
Hannah Wakeford is the first national winner of the IOP 3 Minute Wonder Competition held at the Royal Institute in London on May 16th 2014. The following is a video recording of her winning talk performed at the University of Exeter and filmed by XTV Online

The Science Hour on XpressionFM 87.7FM
Tuesdays at 1800

Hannah Wakeford is the producer and presenter of The Science Hour on XpressionFM along with her term one co-host Gareth Jones and her term two co-host Alex Pettitt the show explores the lives of scientific researchers at the University of Exeter with a new guest each week who is in the early stages of their academic careers.

Listen live here
Check out previous shows online

XTV Science Show - Episode 1
In their first episode Hannah Wakeford and Fiona Birch take a look around the astrophysics group at the University of Exeter with an interview on molecular cloud simulation  with postgraduate student Moncho Rey-Reposo. As well as a head out onto the roof to set up for a night of observing with Alex Pettitt and Rob De Rosa.

January 9th 2014 - Exoplanet Atmospheres at the University of Exeter.

The Naked Scientists Podcast - Planets around other stars
During 2013 National Astronomy Meeting in St Andrews Hannah Wakeford and Catherine Huitson were interviewed by Dominic Ford from The Naked Scientists here is the final podcast.

Exeter College TV - Solar Flares

Hannah Wakeford has taken part in a number of interviews for project here is one conducted by Exeter College Media group as part of their final project work.
The group created a talk show style program called "That Show". This is Hannah's segment from the 'Geek Special'.

you can also find it on my YouTube Channel